Clinical tests have repeatedly shown that vitamin B-17 is only truly effective when used in conjunction with pancreatic enzymes to break down the pericellular coating of the malignant cell. Vitamins A and E in their emulsified form, along with high doses of vitamin C, vitamin B-15, antioxidants, and other nutrients are then used in combination with B-17 to attack the cancer cell.

Apricot kernels are an inexpensive, rich and natural source of vitamin B-17. They also deliver the vitamins, minerals and enzymes not found in the pharmaceutical derivative of B-17.

· 10 seeds per day for life are recommended by Dr. Krebs as a nutritional supplement for those exercising cancer prevention.

· 30 to 35 seeds per day are recommended by Dr. Krebs as nutritional support for clinical cancer sufferers.… Dr. Philip Binzell MD’s 2/4-18yr survival rate was 75% (using laetrile) for 217 of 288 cancer patients; the chemotherapy radiation 5yr survival rate was 27 (9%). 190 would have died using chemotherapy and radiation.For 62 cases of Dr. John Richardson M.D.… For 21 Dr. Philip Binzell M.D. cases (click chpt 12)… For ~300 Jason Vale cases…

SEE They could have lived had their doctor prescribed laetrile. If you are ‘in’ cancer; cases show-take 6-500mg tablets a day; and stick with it.